Chet Amyx

Chet’s first introduction to art making was in the medium of watercolor while on outdoor painting trips with his father. And, although he experienced a variety of other media in college, both two and three dimensional, he continued with an emphasis in watercolor. In fact his master’s thesis was a creative project entitled, “Painting in Aqueous Media.”

The landscape and history of California is so great that it is easy to understand why landscape painting is such a powerful draw for artists. Chet grew up with this tradition and continues to find purpose and pleasure in painting outdoors, whether it is to capture its beauty or to make a nostalgic statement about the state’s ever changing demography.

Through years of teaching, encouraging students to explore and expand their own creativity, Chet found that the use of a variety of media is a fuller experience than focusing on only one. Therefore one sees a multitude of materials and styles in his work.

It is that interaction between visual stimuli, an emotional or cerebral response to life, and the joy of “pushing” the media around within the formal framework of composition and design, that propels Chet’s art.